Monday, December 7, 2015

November Review

The Benson's November Review (with an October mention)

-On October 26 we adopted 2 little boys. 2 little boy kittens that we named Arlo and Moby. Ole was beside himself with excitement and he still can't handle how much he loves them.

-We took Ole to see the new Charlie Brown movie. It was ok. But now Ole is obsessed with "Snoo-oo-pee." 

-We went on our first family vacation. We went to the Great Wolf Lodge down south. Ole got sick the day we left. He had a fever of 103. We asked him if he wanted to go still or if he wanted to stay home. His response? "Vacation." So we medicated our little adventurer and headed down south.

I'm glad we did because it was so awesome. Ole had a blast. Joe and I had a blast and it was exactly what we needed. Even if Olz was sick the whole time, the hotel distracted him from being sick. Even now he asks almost every day to go to a "hotel." We did have to take Ole to a walk in clinic down south, he had an ear infection and possible strep but the test came back inconclusive. 

-After our vacation, I got sick, Joe got sick and Ole got sick again. I'm actually still sick. I've designated this year, our year of colds. 

-Ole and I baked cookies for the first time together. They turned out ok. Ole thought they were gross and spit them out, Joe liked them and my coworkers liked them. The experience was the best part though. Ole loved cooking. 

-Thanksgiving came and went with me being sick. Ole went to Thanksgiving dinner with Grandma and Joe stayed home with me. We had a little date by going out to Indian food. Every one had fun.

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